4 Forces in Action


Multicolored background = All the Four Forces going on around you all the time.

The eye = Awareness

White lines = Scope of awareness (three examples are shown) depending on range of Awareness and degree of objectivity.

Blue squiggly arrows = To show the forces in motion in every direction

Colored arrows between umbers = Show that sequence is not always 1,2,3,4 because sometimes, for instance, (4) Result is (2) Resistance to somebody else.

(1) INITIATIVE, the will to do/thrust incurs

(2) RESISTANCE to the Initiative, creating

(3) A FORM (Events are forms as well as things), leading to

(4) RESULT, what is done with/about it.

All of the Four Forces are going on all around you (and within), all the time. They can be seen sequentially only when observing a single event, for instance (1) I make up my mind to make a pot and take the first step, gathering materials. (2) Resistance arises: pressure must be applied to the clay, or molten metal must be poured into a form. (3) In time, with action and resistance, I have a pot. (4) I can sell it, give it away, plant flowers in it, pour lemonade into it, etc. (Notice how the pot, while (4) Result of my (1) Initiative, is also (2) resistance to soil, lemonade, whatever is held by it.

Awareness takes in impressions, but not all impressions all the time--by taking in some impressions, it is filtering out others. With practice we can see all Four Forces acting at once, but in order to focus to DO something, we will limit what we don't need to see at the moment in order to accomplish "sequentially" what we want to do.

The eye in the above diagram sees some of the forces some of the time, depending (1) on its point of view and (2) the extent of Awareness.

Objectivity increases Awareness--subjectivity leads to seeing only what affects me directly.


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