Party Pavilion

What am I?
Where am I?
What's going on here?
What can I do, if anything?

We didn't do much to get here... We're at a beautiful estate called Planet Earth... There are countless people playing games... Maybe we are privileged, invited guests at a gigantic party? If so, party manners would require being considerate, harmless, and making a small contribution to the party, and having a good time, to thank the host. For the Sanity Island perspective, go to The Party Story.

For great party food, go to Good Eats.

For decorations, who can beat Martha Stewart?

For kids and kids at heart, great paper toys at Marilyn Scott Waters' ToyMaker

To understand the 4 Great Games going on here, go to the Arena.

For an easy way to put a map into invitations, go to Easy Street.

Have you some party ideas (links to sites, hints of own or ??) .


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