Regenerative Love

Chapter Eight from Life’s Word (Anonymous)

The Eighth Mystery is the Mystery of Regeneration.

Thou canst not obtain this mystery by striving, nor by study, nor by belief. It shall be a growth of the character of thy body.

Unless thou has suffered the seven first mysteries in thy body, and hast left thy body free to be controlled by Me, thou canst not feel in thy body this Eighth Mystery.

In past times I revealed unto my people the mystery of generations and marriage, and sanctified the bodily union of the married unto generation, that by generation after generation I might develop a body capable of regeneration.

If thou hast not developed the Seven first Mysteries in thy body, this Mystery of Regeneration is not for thee. Then it is well for thee to cling steadfastly to the ancient mystery of marriage and generation, rearing children in love and tenderness, in the sacred, true and faithful marriage relation.

But when thou art inspired by Me and have cast aside, as no longer part of thy nature, all desire and fear and all striving after thine own pleasure, then thy marriage will reveal unto thee the holy Mystery of Regeneration.

Herein is this mystery that they body will not act the same when inspired wholly by love as it did aforetime when governed by desire. When it is inspired by love it will strive only for the pleasure of thy mate and no longer for its own pleasure. Then the sacred distillation of thy strength will not spend, but will be redistilled unto the renewing of youth.

Thou wilt not suddenly enter the life of Regeneration. Thy body will not change completely when the first inspiration of unselfish love comes unto thee. Many times shall the old feeling of desire come back to thee, but ever will I inspire thee more and more with the sweet patience of My pure love, and thou wilt more and more realize the life that I am living within thee.

Dost thou say, “The mate which I have taken is not now my ideal”? Yet shalt thou see that thy mate is the best one for thee, and that I have Myself provided such a mate for thee that I might teach thee unselfish love. For I will inspire thy heart with love that will ask for no return, no faithfulness, no kindness, no support. And I will give thee such joy in that love that thy body will be glorified and rejuvenated.

As long as thy heart is not ready for the inspiration of My love, thou wilt seek to obtain love from others, and will be dissatisfied with what thou dost obtain, for thou canst only live in the love radiated from within thine own body. But when the fullness of My life shall come unto thee, thou shalt rejoice in the mate thou hast and shalt love that one with a gladness that shall triumph over every fault. For a selfish mate gives thee the opportunity to be unselfish. Also a cross mate gives thee the opportunity to be sweet-tempered.

Yet have patience and know that if thou art now yet a radiant center of love and unselfishness and sweet temper, still thou shalt become such. And to that end do I send thee trials that thou mayest learn to exercise those qualities which others seem to thee to lack.

So it is well for thee to cling to the ancient sacrament of marriage in thy days of desire and in thy days of inspiration, for it shall be unto thee a trial and yet a joy, and out of it will grow thy real strength.

Yet I do not command thee to heed these words, for My message is only what thou canst receive, and if thou dost not believe these words to be My message, yet then shall thy disbelief have some effect upon tee, and whatever the effect upon thee may be, THAT is My message to thee.

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